Autsim Swim Class 1/26/2019


I hope everyone is everyone is enjoying their Saturday night with their families.

Here is a little video I made today because I am always asked how does Jayden learn because he is non-verbal? Jayden needs to be taught EVERYTHING. He is a visual learner. He needs to be redirected constantly and is distracted very easily. He is still learning how to learn. He recently started taking swim lessons with a really amazing swim teacher Ms. Havanna here in Escondido, CA. Every lesson they amaze me!

The Lauch of my Resource Page.

I hope all these resources find the right hands and get help to those that are needing it. The help is out there. I had no clue of many for WAY to LONG like it was some sort of secret. Well, I am not keeping anything a secret. Sorry, not sorry. 

first Successful Dental Visit 1-7-2019

Autism families celebrate every accomplishment big and small! Jayden went to the dentist and had his first successful visit and we are so proud and excited for this accomplishment.  Dental visits are scary for adults image for a non verbal seven year old. GREAT JOB JAYDEN! 

Jayden's Visit to ifly

Check out Jayden enjoying his Christmas gift of indoor skydiving. A special thank you to the team at the Oceanside, CA iFly (expecially his instructor Eric).  

No Sleep -real servere autism

No Sleep and Autism go hand and hand. But, here is a video of what that actually looks like for us.

Happy Saturday

Jayden loves all disney movies espeically the opening and ending credits.


How sick are you of always apologizing for Autism?

Beyond Autism - Jayden's journey

Welcome to our community, this is a place where we can all come laugh, share resources, get support in the world of special needs parenting.