About Me

Hi friends! My name is Kirby and I am the mom to two amazing little boys Jayden who is seven, Jaxon who is four and I have a have one bonus daughter Kayla who is seventeen from my husband’s previous marriage. My son Jayden was diagnosed with Autism at two years and four months old. I was pregnant with Jaxon when I received Jayden’s diagnosis and Jaxon was born four months after Jayden’s diagnosis. 

I was living in a blur for a few years. I was swimming through all things Autism while trying to raise a newborn while also managing a child that needed a lot of extra support. I was scared I would eventually be told Jaxon had Autism as well. However, I quickly learned Jaxon was completely “typical” in every way. Now I only worry that he feels like he gets as much or enough attention as we all figure out how to live in this world of Autism. I am still figuring this part out. 

Autism has put us in category I never wanted to be a part of honestly. I knew nothing about the special needs world and now that is my world. Of course, it took me a while to come to terms that the picture-perfect life I imagined would now be different than I expected. But today I feel lucky and hopeful for the future because I have let go of every expectation I had, and I put Jayden in the drivers seat.

I started this page to bring awareness to Autism, and share the information I have learned in the last five years. I hope to bridge the gap between Autism and the rest of the world. I hope to support and give hope to the parents that are embracing Autism with me or even the ones still figuring it out. I hope we can together also bring awareness and acceptance of Autism to more than those personally affected by it on a daily basis.